Topaz, Gemstone, has been mined for many years. It is silicate mineral of aluminium and fluoride. It is the traditional birthstone for the month of November. Topaz Mountain is situated in the state of Utah. It crystallise into the orthorhombic group of crystals and is often terminated pyramids. A major fact about Topaz is that it is transparent stone, but can find with impurities. Due to these impurities, variations are found in the colour of topaz. It is a beneficial stone as it help people in many ways. It’s a fact about Topaz some time it is considered important for some religious values. As Hindus believe that wearing topaz in heart area is a token of long life.

10 Interesting facts about Topaz:

  1. Rainbow of colours:

One of the interesting fact from 10 facts about Topaz is that it comes in a rainbow of colours e.g. yellow, blue, pink, green, red, golden, peach, brown, etc. The colour variation makes it attractive because colours greatly influence our lives.

  1. Symbol of love and affection:

Topaz is an enduring symbol of love and affection. It ensures fidelity of the one you love.

  1. Protection against problems:

A worth mentioning interesting fact about Topaz is that it has been said to be greatly used for protection against a wide variety of problems from emotional difficulties to fires and accidents.

  1. Remedy:

A remedy is included in the top 10 facts of Topaz, as it is said to be the simple remedy for failing eyesight.

  1. Effect on health:

Topaz has good effects on the health of the wearer.

  1. Metabolism:

A fact involved in the facts about Topaz is that it improves sluggish metabolism to burn calories more efficiently and helps the body to detoxify and manifest your ideal weight.

  1. Psychological effect:

It discourages fear and anger with the release of tension and enhances strength.

  1. Cosmic Awareness:

A fact about Topaz is that it is able to make us more aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions. In short it is able to activate our cosmic awareness.

  1. Help us in daily routine:

Topaz can help us in daily meditation and visualisation.

  1. Carrier of energy:

An important fact about Topaz is that it is a carrier of solar and male energy. By this, we can open and balance energy centres. These were some interesting facts about Topaz which make it interesting and significant among girls.