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Our Topaz

We use 100% natural and genuine blue Topaz gemstone. Treated with optimum heat and UV to get the color and shine. Clarity with superb transparent and luster with very minimal inclusion.

We purchase the raw Topaz straight from Brazil and Africa. We improve the shade and colors of the gemstone by treating it with the assistance of advance machines and apparatuses. We have a specialist board who are highly qualified in their field. The best shading in Blue Topaz is Swiss Blue Topaz. Then again, we also have Sky Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz which are proportionately just as awesome as diamonds.

Our experts endeavor to fulfill the needs of the jewelry market for the excellent harsh that would impart the principle properties to most valuable gemstones. Utilizing superb materials and the experience of organization masters are our key assembling insider facts.

We have distinctive assortments of Topaz like unadulterated colorless Topaz and transparent but tinted by contamination, natural Topaz comes in blue brown hues, foggy to transparent/translucent.

Different Classes of Topaz

It is usually found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Italy, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Australia, Germany, Norway, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, and the United States.

Collection of Topaz:

We use the  9 classifications of topaz

  • Azotic Topaz
  • Imperial Topaz
  • London Blue Topaz
  • Mystic Topaz
  • Rutilated Topaz
  • Sherry Topaz
  • Silver Topaz
  • Swiss Blue Topaz
  • White Topaz