Jewelry is something which stays with us forever. Ladies love wearing different designs of jewelry. Since stone jewelry has been in fashion, topaz is one of the most likable stone all around the world. It is affordable and has the shine of a diamond. It is preferred for wedding rings also. Other than choosing topaz jewelry for your wedding, ladies are also seen buying topaz rings and other ornaments for the sake of their own collection.

Taking care of your topaz jewelry

Jewelry lasts longer if it is taken care of and is maintained over a period of time. Continuously take incredible consideration of your topaz gems and gemstones. In spite of the fact that it is one of the hardest minerals known not, Topaz has an interior cleavage, and if thumped about can get to be fragile and break. You must know a few tips regarding how to maintain your topaz. Following are a few maintenance tips that will help you in the issue regarding maintaining your Topaz.

  • Continuously uproot gems before doing overwhelming work.
  • Deal with your Topaz by treating it tenderly.
  • To keep your topaz gems shining, clean it when tidy and fingerprints have diminished their splendor.
  • The most ideal approach to clean your gemstone adornments is in a dish of water with a couple drops of standard dish cleanser. Utilizing an old toothbrush or other delicate brush, scour tenderly behind the stone where clean and cleanser can gather. Dry your adornments completely with a delicate fabric.
  • Absorbing Topaz in liquor, vodka, overnight releases willful soil, which can then be flushed and brushed away.
  • Continuously utilize a delicate brush yet no abrasives, not even toothpaste; such abrasives won’t hurt Topaz yet will scratch the gentler silver, gold, or platinum settings.
  • Topaz has an exceptionally solid cleavage running the inward length of its precious stone structure, and if presented to any disturbed developments it can get to be fragile and break.
  • To secure the magnificence of your diamonds and adornments, ensure you store every piece separately. Gems may scratch one another or the metal in your gems.
  • Abstain from wrapping so as to make a tangle of gems every piece exclusively or keeping it in its own compartment. Particularly when you travel, ensure your gems pieces don’t shake one another in one sack.


The question of how to maintain you topaz has not remained unanswered now. You can follow the above-given tips and preserve your beloved topaz jewelry for as much long as you want. Even if topaz breaks due to some accident, you can always replace it with a new one by paying a small price. They are not so expensive and available in different colors.