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Gold Customisation

All Topaz jewelry on can be custom-made into 18k gold! Contact us for a quote today


If you like the design so much and you think that sterling silver is not enough for you. We can make it into 18k gold for you. You can either choose 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold or 18k white gold.



All designs on can be used to reference. For example you like the band on ring A and the halo on ring B, we can combine them to what you personalised. With your preferences, we can do a 3D image of what it will look like in real life.



Finally, choose the type of Topaz you like. We have 9 classifications of topaz to choose from. For custom orders, we will make sure its of a higher grade than our sterling silver.  At the same time 100% natural and genuine blue Topaz gemstone. Treated with optimum heat and UV to get the color and shine. Clarity with superb transparent and luster with very minimal inclusion.