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  • Natural Sky Blue Topaz Eternal Spring Bracelet in Sterling 925 Silver


    It combines traditional design with a contemporary twist. Eternal Spring of youth is symbolic ally engraved behind the 10x10mm Blue topaz. This classic look is perfect for the refined lady.

    100% natural and genuine blue Topaz gemstone. Treated with optimum heat and UV to get the color and shine. Clarity with superb transparent and luster with very minimal inclusion.

    Jewelry Base is made with Sterling 925 Silver and Rhodium plated for better durability.

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Natural Blue Topaz Bracelets

Bracelets are the fashion statement for people. It enhances the beauty of a slender hand as well as a person who wears bracelets look pretty and stylish. There are different superstitions which are related to the bracelets in different parts of the world. So, most of the people want to wear topaz bracelets for fulfilling their superstitions. The topaz play dual role in the life of a person. When someone wears topaz bracelets then it enhances the beauty of the hands, as well as the person gets benefits of the topaz stone. In the ancient times, the topaz was considered as the stones which had the capability to heal the mental disorders as well as physical illnesses. In this way, the topaz stones can save the person from death. So, people wear it on their wrists so that they can prevent such diseases. People feel beautiful, stylish, and safe by wearing topaz bracelets.